Start the new year with PPP

Medilife are strong believers in PPP..

What is PPP and how can you maintain it in your workplace?

Prevent – Preventing an accident or incident is the best option

Prepare – Training can minimise injury in the event of an emergency

Perform – Fully confident to provide assistance in an emergency


  1. Check Your Workplace First Aid Kits

Often neglected, a quick glance in the kits direction is not enough. Prepare your workplace and ensure your first aid kits are up to code for your workplace, that includes vehicle kits. You need to check: contents, expiry dates, open packages, kit location, signage and staff accessibility. You can purchase code of practice refill modules or complete kits online here..

  2. Emergency Procedures

Review your workplace first aid, fire, emergency and evacuation plans and policies. The workplace is a dynamic and evolving environment. By reviewing and then performing an evacuation drill you ensure procedures are working smoothly and that every person onsite is trained in workplace procedures. Your staff will then be prepared and confident to perform.

  3. First Aid Training

A first aid kit is only going to be of maximum benefit if you have staff that are familiar with its location, contents and trained in the most up to date first aid training. Prepare your staff by booking into courses here..

  4. Promote a Safe Working Environment

Encourage your staff to make suggestions as to safer work practices and keep an open means of communication for safety concerns. Provide incentives for safe work practices. This can help to prevent accidents and potentially life threatening incidents in the workplace.

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