The Five Daily Habits of Successful People

Time Management

time-430625__180A great skill to have is knowing what is absolutely urgent and what can wait until tomorrow. This one takes time to figure out as well as a fair amount of discipline, but just remember that not every email needs to be answered the day it is received.

TIP: Write a to­-do list with a time budget next to each.

Once the assigned amount of time is up, move on to the next thing. This ensures small tasks don’t blow out and take half a day.

Minimise Distractions

macbook-606763__180A huge part of making time productive is minimising distractions. Again, this is easier said than done. Keep your phone at a physical distance, stay out of the kitchen to avoid boredom eating and have a clear working space.

The worst thing about being in front of a computer for hours each day means it’s incredibly easy to get distracted by an infinite number of blogs, cat videos and social media sites.

Tip: Turn Wi­Fi off when possible, turn off email notifications and block distracting sites.

Follow A Routine

Whether it’s waking up at the same time every day, hitting the gym early or catching up on business news and current affairs, it’s important to create positive habits to reduce stress and start the day well. Successful people don’t sleep until 2pm on the weekends, or roll out of bed five minutes before a meeting either.

break-18987__180Tip: It’s all about being prepared, relaxed and productive.

They say it takes about three weeks to form a new habit, so start today and you’ll be seeing the benefits in no time at all.

Set Goals

It’s easy to avoid doing things or to get stuck in a rut when there’s no end in sight. From daily to­-do lists to broader long­-term goals, make sure you know where you’re headed.

They could be financial, career ­related, personal or business ­related.

how to set goals (3)

Work Life Balance

Being successful requires hard work, determination and plenty of resilience. But you also need a strong support network and life outside of work. Barack Obama ensures he gets home to eat dinner with his family each night. If he can do it, so can you.

brothers-457237__180It could be spending more time with family and friends, learning a new skill, playing sport, or ensuring you have enough time for a hobby or holiday; the most important thing is that work isn’t the only thing you do.

Tip: Make it a rule to take time out, turn work emails off at home and prioritise what’s really important.

Source: Kochies business builders

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