9 Tips for spring allergies

 images (45)Whilst many of us are enjoying the spring blooms and the sweet smell of flower perfume in the air, there are those that are cringing and reaching for the antihistamines.

Here are some tips to make this season a little more enjoyable..


Tip 1: Check the pollen countdownload (17)

Pollen is invisible to the naked eye. But you don’t need to see it to feel its effects! Once pollen reaches your nose and throat, it can trigger an allergic reaction if you are the sensitive type. Being aware of the pollen count in your area means you can plan your outdoor activities around high count days where possible.

It’s easy enough to check the pollen count in your locale, for example this website:

Australia Pollen Count


Tip 2: Stay Indoors When Pollen Counts Are High

When pollen counts are high, shut the windows and use the air conditioner if it is hot.

Pollens are often heaviest when the weather is nicest, avoid sleeping with the windows open.


Tip 3: Pollination Times

It’s best to avoid the outdoors during high pollen counts, but that’s not always practical.

Most plants pollinate from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m., so if you are outside at these times, for example going for a jog, you pick up the pollen on your hair, face, and clothes. It is best to avoid this time period.


Tip 4: Windy days

Windy days can be worse than calm days as windy days stir the pollen around. Try to arrange indoor activities on windy days.


images (47)Tip 5: Don’t be too quick to blame the dog

If a dog is outdoors, he’s a pollen-carrier, too. Often people blame the dog for an allergy, and it might actually be the pollen on the pet. If you bring your dog inside, rinse him off or brush him before coming into the house.


Tip 6: Wear a mask in the garden

If you are the one who has to do the yard work, wearing a mask is a good idea. They don’t look fashionable, but It’s not a social occasion.


Tip 7: Medicate before you leave the house

Take your allergy medicines before you go outside. People often wait until they are miserable and then take it. 


Tip 8: Don’t bring it inside with you

As soon as you arrive home, even if you’ve just been in the backyard, change your clothes and take a shower to rid your body of as much pollen as possible. Don’t forget your hair, especially if it is long.


Tip 9: Don’t overuse nasal sprays

Beware of overusing decongestant nasal sprays. Using decongestant sprays for more than three days in a row can lead to a “rebound” effect. Your allergy symptoms may become worse than before you started the medicine.



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