Ergonomics in the Workplace


Manual Handling – Plan the Lift

  1. Can manual handling aids be used?
  2. Where is the load to be placed?
  3. Will two people be required to perform the lift?
  4. Clear the work area of hazards, obstructions etc
  5. Use the large muscles of your legs to lift, let the quadriceps and hamstrings do the work.
  6. Hold the item close to your body and as close to your centre of gravity as possible
  7. Don’t twist with your back, move with your feet. Keep your hips and shoulders in alignment.
  8. Pull or push if able, rather that lift.
  9. Don’t jerk the load. Lift smoothly

Workplace Ergonomics Presented by Fiona Wolfenden & Tessie Phan , Sydney University

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