Workplace Burnout

A global problem effecting business performance and personal wellbeing

When Arianna Huffington collapsed at her desk in 2007, she woke to find herself covered in a pool of blood. Sporting a broken cheekbone from the fall, the incident spurred the editor-in-chief to sit up and rethink her workaholic lifestyle. 
“Nothing kills creativity more than burnout. So in fact, the best thing we can do for our careers is to foster and nurture that creativity and that effectiveness … There is absolutely no trade off between doing well in our jobs and taking care of our own human capital.” – Arianna Huffington

Burnout effects the bottom line

Apart from damaging our personal health and wellbeing, burnout also directly affects business productivity and profits. By making changes in the workplace to provide a less stressful working environment and introducing some stress reduction policies, such as employees not answering their work phones or reading work emails out of office hours.

What can you do personally?

There are many steps to preventing workplace burnout, the following are 4 tips you can personally start today!

Tip #1: 5 minutes of quiet time daily – unplug from all our devices, unplug from the world

Tip #2: Turn off your smartphone at night

Tip #3: Don’t charge your phone on your bedside table

Tip #4: Get 30 minutes more sleep than you get now

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