Be Safe In the Water This Summer

Be ready to protect your family when summer returns

  • Over 10% of drownings involved alcohol, and in most of these cases the alcohol readings were extremely high. Don’t mix Alcohol and water. (Except in a glass!)
  • Young children can be especially vulnerable if they don’t know water safety rules appropriate for their age. Always supervise children around water.
  • Don’t think experience makes you safe. In 2011, people over 55 accounted for 37% of the drowning deaths. Key things you can do include improving overall fitness and swimming skills, and increasing awareness of the impact of medication and pre-existing illnesses on your ability to stay safe
  • Even if you are an experienced swimmer have a buddy system when you are swimming, fishing and boating so there is someone to help should something go wrong.

Be ready to help.

Now is the the time to learn the skills you need to be able to save someone. CPR is a key skill you need around the water. Take some time over winter to attend a CPR or first aid course and be ready to help your friends and family when they need it.

At Medilife, we can help you find the right course to meet you needs. Just call us on 1300 130 385 and let our friendly team help.

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