Could You Have Helped With the “Maccas Miracle”?

Recently A Current Affair featured a report on a first aid rescue performed in a NSW McDonalds. Calling it the “McDonalds Miracle”, it included security camera footage of family, staff and bystanders working together to save a choking baby. You can watch the report here

What can we learn from this great example?

One thing is the importance of working together. Not only did the family seek help as soon as they realized they couldn’t handle the situation, but the staff and bystanders worked together to ensure every possible treatment was attempted. As the NSW ambulance representative mentioned in the video, it’s easy to just keep trying the same thing repeatedly, with no result. However when it was evident the back blows weren’t working to dislodge the blockage, the manager tried something else – Checking the mouth and open airway. This was one step that lead to the successful rescue of the infant.

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Another point that we can take from the video is the importance of calling triple zero (000) as soon as possible and staying online with them to ensure that they are well informed of the situation as it’s happening and to get suggestions on what to do when the situation is not improving. The licensee of the restaurant mentioned the importance of regular training. This is very true as we can never be sure when we will be called on to help. Are your skills up to date? Have you completed a CPR course in the last 12 months? Have you completed a full Apply first Aid course in the last 3 years? These are important questions to answer, as regular, hands on training is the best way to ensure that you are ready to help if you find yourself in your own McDonalds Miracle situation.

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