It’s official! Who gives you great service and great training? We do!

Our focus has always been on providing our students with the best possible. It could be the best learning environment, the best support or the best service, we are always looking for ways to improve.

Every year AQIS, the government body that looks after training organisations, produces a report, scoring Medilife and other training companies in range of Quality and customer satisfaction areas.

In our most recent report, Medilife rated above average in 16 of 17 categories. Some areas we are really proud of include:

  • 96 out of 100 rating for overall employer satisfaction compared to an average score of 84
  • Our students rated us 89 out of 100 rating for Trainer quality compared to 83 average score and 82 for similar sized training companies
  • Our support staff scored 95 out of 100 for their hard work. This is 14 points above the industry average of 84.

You can download the full report here.

If your looking for a great training experience for you or your staff, call us now on 1300 130 385 or take a look at our training options and see just what we can offer you.


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