Don’t Panic – Best Practice Emergency Managment

You need to ensure that you are calm and in control in the first few moments of an emergency, be it first aid, fire or any other emergency.

The best way to manage the feeling of panic is to be properly trained and familiar with best practice emergency response. Different situations will call for different action plans, but there are some key factors that can be applied to all emergencies:

  • Assess the situation – What is really happening? Is it safe for me to take action? How do I protect myself and those around me?
  • Get help on the way – Using the knowledge from your assessment of the situation you can decide: Do I need help? What kind of help is best?
  • Manage the situation – What can I do safely while I’m waiting for assistance? How can I care best for the people and property affected by the emergency?

Learn best practice emergency response

All Medilife courses are based around best practice emergency response. We work with industry partners and bodies to ensure that what we teach are the safest and most effective methods of response.

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