Get Your Community Involved In First Aid

Pro Dive Cronulla

During the recent Cronulla Fair, Pro Dive was looking for a way to get it’s regular clients interested in first aid and improving the safety of their dives.

They wanted a hands on, simple way to help them realize the need to regularly refresh their skills to be ready for an emergency.

Working with Medilife Trainer Dan, they setup a display in store with a manikin that could be used for hand on practice of primary assessment and CPR skills.

What was the response?

Throughout the day, kids and adults alike were excited to have the chance to show off their skills! Even the Dive instructors had a go and having a qualified instructor on hand meant the anything they had forgotten could be quickly refreshed.

I want to do that!

If you are involved in a community event and want to do something similar, talk to our friendly sales advisory team and we can discuss how you can get your community group engaged in first aid. Just call us on 1300 130 385 or email via the contact page.

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