Workplace Hazard and Risk Assessment

What is a workplace hazard?
A hazard is anything in the workplace that has the potential to harm people.
Hazard types can include (but not limited to):
~ Objects, items, equipment in the workplace, such as machinery or dangerous chemicals.
~ The way work is done. Such as manual handling, excessive noise and fatigue.


Risk factors

A risk arises when it’s possible that a hazard will actually cause harm. The risk of a hazard is based on Probability & Consequences. Factors such as:
~ How often the job is done
~ The number of workers involved
~ The likelihood of injury
~ How serious any injuries that result could be

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Workplace Assessment begins with consulting staff on any potential health and safety issues they have become aware of and also a physical walk through of the workplace looking for potential hazards and typically follows four steps:

1. Finding hazards

2. Assessing the degree of severity of a possible injury and the likelihood of injury from a hazard

3. Fixing the problems by deciding on the most effective risk controls that are reasonably practicable

4. Reviewing your risk controls and checking that they work effectively

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