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 Is vaping bad for asthma. Electronic cigarettes are dangerous for asthmatics

 Is vaping bad for asthma. Electronic cigarettes are dangerous for asthmatics

Millions of smokers switch to electronic cigarettes in an attempt to minimize the harm from this addiction. They’re helping someone get rid of it altogether. However, scientists from the British Lung Foundation have proven that these devices have a negative effect on the lungs. They are especially harmful to people with asthma, as they disrupt the passage of the respiratory tract. 

Fifty-four smokers, aged between 18 and 31, participated in the study. Half of the participants had no health problems, while the other part had mild asthma. After the test subjects smoked conventional and electronic cigarettes, they monitored the performance of their lungs. The study found that asthmatics who smoked electronic cigarettes performed significantly worse than those who smoked regular cigarettes.

It was fixed by a lung function test.

Scientists say that when using electronic cigarettes, the work of the lungs immediately deteriorates and is restored only 30 minutes after smoking.

This study shows that the replacement of regular cigarettes, people with asthma, on the electronic has a temporary negative effect on the work of their lungs.

Electronic cigarettes

Alternative smoking

An excellent alternative to a regular cigarette is vap, which is the best option for asthma. It is necessary to understand that represented disease and smoking are incompatible. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to give up this bad habit, even if it is a threat to health. Some people replace regular cigarettes with a hookah or vap.

To date, WHO has no intention of banning electronic cigarettes because they are considered safe, especially when compared to tobacco products. This is also indicated by opinion polls showing that many people have been able to stop smoking with vape. Despite the fact that electronic cigarette is safe, it is recommended to give up this when it comes to asthma. Smoking vap in this situation can cause the development of bronchitis, bronchial asthma and lung emphysema.

Asthma and Vape

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes claim that many vape liquids lack nicotine, which is why it is believed that it can be used to eliminate nicotine addiction. It is necessary to understand that even a small amount of this toxic substance in asthmatic can provoke an attack. Therefore, even hovering with nicotine is strictly prohibited. If the desire to smoke is present, you need to choose a nicotine-free liquid. Such a way can help to get rid of the person at all harmful habit. Gradually reducing the amount of nicotine or completely abandoning it, the person will be able to significantly reduce the negative impact on the body.


Many people have a question about whether vap in asthma is the way out. Probably it is, but the field of medicine can hardly admit it. Most doctors are categorical. They believe that in case of asthma it is necessary to give up any kind of smoking. Doctors do not take the responsibility to recommend that people switch to hovering, because despite their safety, it is still a risk for asthmatics.

Despite the fact that it has been proven repeatedly that vapes are much safer for humans than smoking, the world continues to argue on this issue. Some experts hold the view that prolonged use of vap leads to the fact that a person’s lungs lose their natural ability to cope with inflammation. Therefore, the respiratory organs struggle with asthma.

Today, with diseases such as asthma, lung cancer and other diseases of the respiratory system, the use of an electronic cigarette is considered only a recommendation, not a guide. It is necessary to understand that the human body is individual, so the reaction to the use of this modern gadget is unpredictable. However, if after the diagnosis of asthma, you continue to smoke cigarettes, it is worth switching to vap, which is a better option. By giving up nicotine, you will be able to enclose yourself as much as possible from asthma attacks.

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