Your Day Job May Increase Workout Injuries

These are 5 common injuries that occur in the gym or whilst exercising and how we can lower our risk. Who would have thought our day job could be the culprit of increasing our risk of injury.

People spend their days in front of their computer with rounded shoulders. When your shoulders are rounded and you stand up, your weight falls to the front of your foot. Take that misplaced centre of gravity and put it into running shoes, which naturally tip you forward with a heel higher than the toe, and your feet and ankles start to bear the brunt of any impact. Chose the right shoe, go for a cross trainer instead of a running shoe.

Sitting at a desk, we don’t use our hip muscles. Then we decide to go kick box or do bootcamp The result is injury to the . . . knee? If our feet aren’t stable, due to improper footwear, and our hip muscles aren’t strong, the knee gets all the stress. A better exercise would be lunges. With a lunge your hip and ankle are bending together, stabilising and strengthening the knee.

If someone has rounded posture throughout the day in their upper back, and then they go to the gym and do an overhead shoulder lift standing, their upper back cannot extend properly. They straighten and arch upward from their lower back, which has a nervous breakdown because it’s getting all the stress. Remember to stretch and strengthen your upper back to compensate for all that hunching you do at the office and whenever you can, exercise standing up which engages bigger muscle groups.

That carpal tunnel you’re complaining about 9-5 could contribute to a gym injury after-hours. Your arms have to internally rotate when you type, which puts pressure on the shoulders. Then you go to the gym and do chest press, shoulder press, pushups, all also with your arms rotated in resulting in an overuse injury of the rotator cuff. Instead try exercises that externally rotate your arms to balance your shoulders, and a great way to do that is by rowing with cables.

A strained tense neck at work due to workstation strain can lead to a lack of mobility and injury. Avoid putting additional stress on your neck with exercises that cause you to raise your arms over your head.

Information source:, webmd

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