Identifying Abnormal or Ineffectual Breathing

Human anatomy is a complex subject and can not be taught in great depth in just one day. However, a basic understanding can assist a first aider in identifying someone in distress and in need of assistance. Let’s take a brief look at respiration.

lungs-37825__180Identify normal breathing

By knowing what normal breathing looks and feels like will quickly enable you to identify abnormalities.

Normal breathing is quiet, regular and effortless. Observe the rate, rhythm and noise of breathing.

Abnormal breathing could be: slow, rapid, shallow, laboured, harsh sounding, difficult, gurgling or gasping.

Noisy breathing usually indicated an airway obstruction.

Breathing is also influenced by exertion, rest/sleep, emotions and fatigue.

If you came across somebody with abnormal breathing, would you know what to do?

Make sure your first aid training is up to date and that you are confident to help someone in need.

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