6 Ways to boost your new year motivation

Why set goals?

Simply put, we need goals to move forward, to achieve, to build our confidence and to discover what we really want out of life.

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” — Bill Copeland

No matter what our goals are, whether physical, mental, corporate or life goals we all have goals we wish to reach. It is human nature to want to take the short cut to achieving these goals. This does not always have the desired outcome and is not often sustainable. To reach our goals we need to have and maintain our motivation. Motivation is like a muscle. We need to practice strengthening it through a regular routine.

So how can you increasing your motivation? Before you reach for the coffee, the energy drink or the bed covers take a look at these 6 ways to boost your motivation to achieve your goals.

6 Ways to boost your motivation

verysmallfingers-1024x6721. Set small, measurable goals

Start small. Smaller goals that can be achieved over a short time period lend themselves well to motivation. The end is always in sight, which means the payoff comes quickly. Make sure that they are measurable and specific.

2. Develop a mantra

A verbal statement that reinforces a positive mindset. You can try something simple like “I am strong, and I can get through this,” or you can get more creative. The more repetitions, the more you’ll begin to believe it!

tell-someone3. Commit publicly

As an individual, it is easy to slack off and lose motivation. Share your goals. Not only will this create a support system, it will help you to feel more accountable for achieving your goal. Be careful in what you share and if you use social media as you don’t want the embarrassment of failing publicly by being unrealistic.

“Without a goal, any road will get you there”

4. Create your own routine

Whatever daily ritual you choose, make sure that it encourages peacefulness and happiness. If you are happy and relaxed, motivation will come more easily.

download (25)5. Learn optimism

Obtaining a goal has its highs and lows. In order to keep your motivation up, it’s important to learn optimism. Acknowledge the moments when you’re being pessimistic. Once they have been acknowledged, you have the power to debate pessimism away. Practice using a positive frame of mind to talk away all of your doubts and negative thoughts. Ridding yourself of this negativity creates more room for motivation and inspiration.

6. See your goals – Literally 

Try creating a visualization board. Cut out and compile pictures from magazines of the different goals you have, and look at your board daily. Having a physical representation of your progress and accomplishments is a good daily motivator.

“On the other side of fear is confidence..”

Material Source: forbes.com

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