3 Steps To Better First Aid Management

However there is a more important reason for taking charge of this situation – ultimately the responsibility of managing first aid can’t be passed on to anyone else.

No matter how well qualified a sales representative may be, they don’t know your workplace as well as you do and they don’t have access to the information that you do, such as injury or incident reports

When it comes to get the best possible system to manage first aid, there is no one size fits all answer. However there are three basic steps you can take to get the right system in place for you. they are:


Work out what you need and where. This includes first aid kits, personnel and systems


Put the plan into place and make any needed changes in the workplace


How effective is the system. You need to take into account both the cost of the system and it’s effects on safety. Then you will see if there are any changes you need to make
Over the coming weeks we will look more closely at each of these items and how they can be done effectively and efficiently

The role of the sales rep and advisers

An experienced and qualified adviser can help you make good decisions, but it’s important to remember that you are responsible for the right decisions being made. A good adviser will work with you rather than just compiling a list of things you need to buy.
Medilife offers an individual service to all our clients. We can come and help you make the best choices for your workplace. To find out more, contact us or call our friendly sales advisory team on 1300 130 385

In coming posts we will look at each of these three steps in turn and how they can be applied effectively to your workplace.

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