Kit Restocking Service

It’s important that all your WHS systems are functioning smoothly and effectively.

Managing and restocking first aid kits can be an challenging area. Stock gets old, goes missing or just isn’t used because it’s not what you need.

To help you manage your systems efficiently, Medilife provide a complete restocking service which has been uniquely designed with small businesses in mind.

Restocking is provided quickly and easily with a minimum of fuss. We give you control and make sure you only have what you need.

The benefits of the specially designed Medilife Restocking System are:

  • Cost effective.
  • Our system is ‘user friendly’.
  • You won’t pay monthly service charges.
  • You won’t pay for items you don’t need.
  • You will receive your products within a few days.

Choose the DIY option or have us help you assess your needs

DIY Procedure

  1. Download the first aid supplies audit/order form. (PDF)
  2. Check the kit content requirements against your current stock and mark off what you need to order
  3. Fax the order back to us on 1300 980 385 and we’ll take care of the rest.

It’s as easy as that. We’ll send the stock out to you directly.

Additional Resources

It’s important to ensure that your plans for first aid meet your states regulatory requirements. This mean getting a copy of the first aid code of practice and comparing it to what you have in place.

If you don’t already have a copy of your state’s code of practice you can download it from your local WHS authority’s site.

If you need help finding the correct site, see our useful links page from the Medilife main website.

Need some help?

Sometimes you need a bit of help to get the right systems in place.

If you want some help getting on the right track, we can come out to your workplace and work with you to get things running smoothly.

To have your first aid kits checked for you, complete this contact request form and we will call you to make arrangements.


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